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DIG_ClipsDIG is a short film by Toby Halbrooks.

Featured at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and top finisher for the online public choice competition, DIG is a new favorite for other film festivals including 2014’s SXSW.

Mustang International was privileged to help support this effort through video assist services and other general support to the film’s producer and long-time friend, Shaun Gish.

We count Toby and crew as friends long before he and fellow film maker David Lowery produced part of their feature length AIN’T THEM BODIES SAINTS at the Wallace family farm in 2012 in Bosque County, Texas.

Check out the short online as the number of views is approaching 1/4 of a million.


Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

Mustang International assisted the director and production crew of Ain’t Them Bodies Saints as key scenes were shot on the Wallace farm in Bosque County. Producer Toby Halbrooks and Director David Lowery decided that the farm and area had the look they wanted for their movie. The farm was established in 1893 by Matt Wallace’s great-great-grandfather, and after multiple visits, the crew was supported by Mustang International for a multi-day shoot in the fall of 2012.

The first five scenes in the movie trailer, in addition to other scenes, were shot on the Wallace farm and were used to establish the appropriate look for a story set in central Texas.

Link to Ain’t Them Bodies Saints on IMDB.


Aftershock Photos

Mustang International helped document the behind-the-scenes production of the short film AFTERSHOCKS.

Behind the Scenes of AFTERSHOCKS

Executive Summary: Mustang International was tasked with capturing behind-the-scenes video and photographs during the filming of the movie promotional short for Aftershocks.

Short films are becoming more and more important in the entertainment world as companies want to produce something powerful and engaging, while not investing too heavily until an audience can be confirmed. AFTERSHOCK is a short film that lets the audience get a taste of the storyline that includes a strange twist in conjunction with what appears to be a hostile alien invasion. The project is produced using top quality personnel and equipment. The process of showing the competency of those producing it is often as important as the final piece since pieces like this can be springboards to much bigger things. Mustang International was tasked with this job.