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Post-Flood Studio Upgrade

In December 2017, Mustang Recording Studios were flooded due to a burst pipe on the ground floor.

We are in the process of making Lemonade out of some pretty sour lemons. While insurance helps with some of the costs, we are in the process of upgrading the studio in some important ways.

Two key things are new wood floors and better professional wiring/routing. These were not on the immediate TO-DO-LIST. However, this unfortunate situation kind of created the situation that makes NOW the time to do these things.

20171219_Flood02To learn more, check out our Kickstarter Project.


Tertium Quid Production Wraps

August 6-7, 2017, were fantastic days. We shot the short film Sunday & Monday.

Here’s the cast & crew!


>>> Click on the photo to view a higher-resolution version. <<<


Gordon Dean Nolen

Carla/Salome Denise Lee

Will Will Godby

Bear Keith Hale

Despair Man Steven Harris

Hooker Christy Tai

Riff Raff Lead Gordon Atkinson

Riff Raff Reggie Freakin Regan

Musician Scott Morse


Director J. Matt Wallace

Producer Ioannis Hansen

1st Assistant Director Anthony Milton

2nd AD Miriam Wallace

Associate Producer Morgan Wallace

Director of Photography Shaun Falcone

1st Assistant Camera Ryan Patterson

2nd Assistant Camera Dick Saunders

Gaffer Juan Rocha

Swing Grip Richard Porter

Grip/Electric John Francis McCullagh

Truck Grip Tori O’Rourke

Location Sound Mixer Jake Wallace

Sound Assist (A2) Tyler Cardwell

Video Assist Dillon Hutyra

Script Supervisor Inez Espino

Hair / Makeup Anna Howard

Set Dresser (Sunday) Sean McCord

Art PA (Sunday) Allison Tackette

Production Assistant Michael Smith

Production Assistant Natalie Watkins

Behind-The-Scenes Photographer Brad Sutton

Tertium Quid: A Short Film

Mustang International’s J Matt Wallace directs a new short film.

Click here to learn more.

TexasBigStar Launches Another Show

Bary Clower is an entertaining soul. He’s also a legit cowboy and ranch hand.

Mustang International’s TexasBigStar launches a new show based on Bary Clower’s practical wisdom as he educates his star pupil (one and only pupil) Brian B Barrett. The faux-institution BAR Y UNIVERSITY is where Professor Clower instructs his student on all things farm and ranch.

Video Assist Interview with Jordan Brady

In April 2014, Matt Wallace provided Video Assist support to a commercial production crew producing a series of new DODGE TV spots. Jordan Brady was the director, and he also produces a Podcast called “Respect for Process” that discusses commercial production.

During the last day of shooting, Jordan interviewed Matt about video assist services. Click here to visit Mustang International’s page regarding these services.

FYI: Jordan uses the terms “VTR” and “video assist” interchangeably – which is common in the industry. VTR is short for Video Tape Recording. Even though tape is no longer used on set to capture and playback images, the term “VTR” is still used to describe the function on set that originated with video tape machines and operators. A more accurate name for the actual function currently provided on set is “video assist” as it encompasses not only the recording and playback capabilities, but the service of providing high-quality video monitors for real-time viewing to assist the overall production.


Jordan Brady’s Podcast Website


Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

Mustang International assisted the director and production crew of Ain’t Them Bodies Saints as key scenes were shot on the Wallace farm in Bosque County. Producer Toby Halbrooks and Director David Lowery decided that the farm and area had the look they wanted for their movie. The farm was established in 1893 by Matt Wallace’s great-great-grandfather, and after multiple visits, the crew was supported by Mustang International for a multi-day shoot in the fall of 2012.

The first five scenes in the movie trailer, in addition to other scenes, were shot on the Wallace farm and were used to establish the appropriate look for a story set in central Texas.

Link to Ain’t Them Bodies Saints on IMDB.


Mourning the loss of Becky Moorhouse

Becky Moorhouse was a friend and gracious lady. She had provided some direction as we worked on an idea to produce a series of videos focused on the western lifestyle. As of today, that project has not been properly financially supported even though we continue to work towards this idea with hopes of producing the series someday.

We met Becky and Tom when we produced the Moorhouse Ranch episode of All Around Performance Horse Weekly for RFD-TV. That was always one of my favorite episodes and proudest achievements while producing that show.

Watch the video we produced of her as an advisor to Mustang International.

In mid-March, 2012, Becky passed on after a long bout with cancer. Link to obituary


Artist Video for Nichol Brown

Mustang International spent a week in Cleveland, Ohio, with artist Nichol Brown to capture video, audio and other imagery for producing a series of videos to highlight Nichol and her fall art collection “Soul of the Ordinary.”


Meet Nichol Brown from Mustang International on Vimeo.

On The Road

Executive Summary: Mustang International has started production on a documentary about two young people looking to work in the music industry while capturing the fun of a once-in-a-lifetime road trip.

On The Road: A Rock-n-Roll Journey is still in progress. From July 8 through July 24 of 2011, two young musicians traveled over 3000 miles and 11 states interviewing artists, musicians, producers and others in the music industry about what constitutes success and gathering advice as they start their careers in music.

Additional interviews are being conducted and all of the information and media collected during this once-in-a-lifetime journey are being compiled into a documentary book! Like many documentaries, one thing leads to another, and this project is still being processed with possible new material to be added before it’s conclusion.

Read more about this project on this website at On The Road or check out

Still Under Construction

For the moment, we’ve got some of the pages visible for the new website. However, it’s still not finished. Just keep that in mind while you check things out.

Thanks for your patience, and don’t hesitate to contact us via the CONTACT page.