Launched in 1987, the early years were primarily focused on multitrack audio recording for musical artists.

By the early 1990’s, production started including corporate-level video projects focused on internal training and organizational promotion, including fundraising tools for non-profit organizations. Also, website development was added to the service offerings as the Internet’s influence and prevalence grew.

In 1997, the company incorporated. New digital media formats were pursued, but the basic idea of enhancing anything that an audience could see or hear was the focus of the company. This included graphical design and print projects, in addition to both “live” or studio audio, video, “old school” AV slide presentations or the growing popularity of PowerPoint and other digital graphic formats.

By the early 21st century, projects regularly included international clients and organizations, as well as DVD production. Also, 2005 led to the design and launch the first 100 episodes of a 30-minute television show on DirecTV and DISH Network on the RDF-TV channel. “All Around Performance Horse Weekly” became the channel favorite and is still on the air today.

MustangIntl_Website_VTR_ClipsIn 2006, Mustang International became the working name of the company as the size and scope of projects continued to grow over the years to incorporate larger and more significant projects with increasingly broad audiences and aggressive budgets.

Today, Mustang International provides VIDEO ASSIST services to commercial and film production around Texas. It also continues to provide custom media and communications-focused solutions for a wide variety of clients around the world.