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Roy Cox Canine Connection


Roy Cox is unarguably one of the top cattle dog trainers in the world!

RoyCox_StandingWDogMustang International was initially hired by Roy in 2012 to help produce a series of training tools and provide media support on and off-line.

Roy Cox is in the process of working with Mustang International on developing a 5-disc training series on taking a young dog from no training all the way to a cattle dog capable of gathering a herd solo. It’s amazing stuff.

We’re currently finishing up DVD#4 “Pen to Pasture” where the cattle work moves out into the open as the dogs work on their gathering expertise.


Check out Roy’s Website at


Aerial Views

Clip_BosqueCountyAerialsMustang International has joined in the crazed rush to aerial videography/photography. Society and the government continue to deal with “drone” issues. In the meanwhile, we have positioned ourselves to have first-hand experience with this technology. We know what can be expected of the different types of technology that are available. We have immediate access to the basic capacity found through the very popular DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ platform.

In addition to that basic service, we have key partners that we will leverage on your behalf to get you state-of-the-art, highest quality imagery.


DIG_ClipsDIG is a short film by Toby Halbrooks.

Featured at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and top finisher for the online public choice competition, DIG is a new favorite for other film festivals including 2014’s SXSW.

Mustang International was privileged to help support this effort through video assist services and other general support to the film’s producer and long-time friend, Shaun Gish.

We count Toby and crew as friends long before he and fellow film maker David Lowery produced part of their feature length AIN’T THEM BODIES SAINTS at the Wallace family farm in 2012 in Bosque County, Texas.

Check out the short online as the number of views is approaching 1/4 of a million.


Mourning the loss of Becky Moorhouse

Becky Moorhouse was a friend and gracious lady. She had provided some direction as we worked on an idea to produce a series of videos focused on the western lifestyle. As of today, that project has not been properly financially supported even though we continue to work towards this idea with hopes of producing the series someday.

We met Becky and Tom when we produced the Moorhouse Ranch episode of All Around Performance Horse Weekly for RFD-TV. That was always one of my favorite episodes and proudest achievements while producing that show.

Watch the video we produced of her as an advisor to Mustang International.

In mid-March, 2012, Becky passed on after a long bout with cancer. Link to obituary


You Should Know..

Executive Summary: Mustang International produced an epic feeling, hard-hitting statistical review to encourage a very specific audience to consider joining MUP in their work to share the Christian Gospel with the entire world.

Mustang International was charged by the missions agency Missions to Unreached Peoples (MUP.ORG) with the task of producing a new customized video to highlight strategic statistics about the number of people on the planet with absolutely no access to the gospel… i.e. no chance of ever hearing of Christ and therefore having no opportunity to decide one way or another about his claims.

The video was produced with custom music with the goal to capture the epic seriousness of these facts presented. The minimalistic, but high tech look, is intended to allow the data, the facts, to speak with minimal distractions.

Click here to watch the video.

Artist Video for Nichol Brown

Mustang International spent a week in Cleveland, Ohio, with artist Nichol Brown to capture video, audio and other imagery for producing a series of videos to highlight Nichol and her fall art collection “Soul of the Ordinary.”


Meet Nichol Brown from Mustang International on Vimeo.

The Kilroy Show

Executive Summary: Mustang International produced a high-end, high-definition music program television show pilot that far surpasses the typical quality of such projects.

In the spring of 2009, Eddie Kilroy, country music producer and the creator of XM Radio’s Willie’s Place, contacted Mustang International. Kilroy, and his friend Willie Nelson, had discussed producing a television show out of Texas using Willie’s truck stop/theatre just south of Dallas/Ft.Worth as the venue. After months of planning and assembling a 35+ person team, two one-hour shows were produced as pilot episodes featuring a number of acts including country music legends Charley Pride and Mickey Gilley. The project required multiple top-quality high-definition cameras. The audio was superbly mixed, album quality, using the 31 channels of audio recorded live during the taping. The result was astounding quality.

Unfortunately, Willie’s Place as a venue did not survive, but this pilot continues to impress those who know what they’re looking for and listening for in video. Mickey Gilley did state that it’s likely one of the very best recordings of a performance of himself that he had ever seen. A week after the taping, Mickey Gilley took a serious tumble, leaving him severely paralyzed. He has recovered some mobility, but unfortunately, he’s unlikely to ever play the piano again as well as in this pilot recording.

This project is still actively leading to new production opportunities in the works even now.

B-Sweet Music Video for Dolby Labs

Executive Summary: Mustang International assisted with the production of a high-quality music video for Dolby Labs.

Mustang International as asked to assist in the production of a music video that would be used by Dolby to highlight new 7.1 Surround Sound technology and a extremely high-end production video monitor. Mustang International provided key logistical support behind-the-scenes including communications, mobile facilities for staging and actor make-up and wardrobe, as well as general troubleshooting throughout the multi-day production. The shoot required special considerations as it highlighted high-speed and extremely high-definition cameras.

Much of the B-Sweet crew was part of the AFTERSHOCKS movie production in May 2011.

All Around Performance Horse Weekly

Executive Summary: Mustang International was tasked with helping launch a new television program, by producing the original pilot episode, a series of high-profile rodeo events, and the first 100 episodes of the show.

In 2005, three cowboys approached Mustang International asking for help with launching a new television show. They had struggled with previous attempts, but had heard that producer Matt Wallace could help them. After developing the pilot show and helping work through the negotiations with RFD-TV (available on cable, DISH, and DirecTV) the first episode was aired in the fall of 2005. Over the next four years, All Around Performance Horse Weekly, a 30-minute show aired four times a week, grew in popularity and remains a prominent show on RFD-TV. Mustang International handed weekly production over to others in 2009. The initial request to help launch a successful TV show had been completed with having produced 100 new episodes and many more rerun variations. Interesting challenged solved.

Western Lifestyles Documentary

Executive Summary: Mustang International produced an introduction video to a project that is still in production focusing on the real-deal western lifestyles lived by many.

After producing over four years of television with some of the most respected cowboys in the world, Mustang International started initial production of a series of videos to help better document the cowboy way of life. The voiceover is by cowboy balladeer, Don Edwards, who is a local neighbor, friend and movie star.   The project is currently on hold.