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Mustang International is producing a “Learn as You Go” Reality TV (webisode) show.

Young musicians are challenged to record 3 songs and produce 3 music videos as part of a grand learning opportunity. The two siblings, Jake Wallace and Morgan Wallace, have separate bands, and they challenge each other and their mother, Miriam Wallace, in this friendly competition.

Each band records one cover tune, records an original song written before the competition production week and then also writes and records a completely new original song during the band’s production week. All three of these songs must also be turned into a music video.WvW_Ungoliant

In addition to producing these songs and videos, the entire process is recorded and will be turned into a web-based series that will have between 20 and 30 episodes scheduled for release in the fall of 2013.

In early 2014, if all goes well, all nine music videos will be voted on by a panel of judges and the general public. Other points will be awarded as well. The winning team gets bragging rights, but everyone wins from the practical experience gained through this process.

In the summer of 2013, an IndieGoGo crowd-funding project was launched to help offset financial costs of this massive undertaking.

Close to 20 young people will have engaged in helping produce this project. Follow along via the website, Facebook and the IndieGoGo project.

This project is still “in-progress.”

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

Mustang International assisted the director and production crew of Ain’t Them Bodies Saints as key scenes were shot on the Wallace farm in Bosque County. Producer Toby Halbrooks and Director David Lowery decided that the farm and area had the look they wanted for their movie. The farm was established in 1893 by Matt Wallace’s great-great-grandfather, and after multiple visits, the crew was supported by Mustang International for a multi-day shoot in the fall of 2012.

The first five scenes in the movie trailer, in addition to other scenes, were shot on the Wallace farm and were used to establish the appropriate look for a story set in central Texas.

Link to Ain’t Them Bodies Saints on IMDB.


The Kilroy Show

Executive Summary: Mustang International produced a high-end, high-definition music program television show pilot that far surpasses the typical quality of such projects.

In the spring of 2009, Eddie Kilroy, country music producer and the creator of XM Radio’s Willie’s Place, contacted Mustang International. Kilroy, and his friend Willie Nelson, had discussed producing a television show out of Texas using Willie’s truck stop/theatre just south of Dallas/Ft.Worth as the venue. After months of planning and assembling a 35+ person team, two one-hour shows were produced as pilot episodes featuring a number of acts including country music legends Charley Pride and Mickey Gilley. The project required multiple top-quality high-definition cameras. The audio was superbly mixed, album quality, using the 31 channels of audio recorded live during the taping. The result was astounding quality.

Unfortunately, Willie’s Place as a venue did not survive, but this pilot continues to impress those who know what they’re looking for and listening for in video. Mickey Gilley did state that it’s likely one of the very best recordings of a performance of himself that he had ever seen. A week after the taping, Mickey Gilley took a serious tumble, leaving him severely paralyzed. He has recovered some mobility, but unfortunately, he’s unlikely to ever play the piano again as well as in this pilot recording.

This project is still actively leading to new production opportunities in the works even now.

Daryl Flood “Thank You” Video with Time Lapse


Executive Summary: A prominent national moving company requested Mustang International assist with producing a video to offer a special “Thanks” to key business partners that incorporated the same type of fast-moving time lapse video that had been so effective in previous projects.

Mustang International has been pleased to work with a true industry trend-setter, Daryl Flood Mobility Solutions, since 1997. Daryl Flood is undoubtedly one of the most professional, healthy and innovative companies in the entire national mobility solutions industry. They have effectively used videos to reinforce positive messages while educating and thanking those people who help make them so successful.


Daryl Flood: Coast to Coast Time Lapse

Executive Summary: Mustang International developed a custom, portable, multi-camera timelapse system to produce a fun and engaging coast-to-coast jaunt for a national relocation company.

In 2007 with the burgeoning growth of viral YouTube videos, Texas-based Daryl Flood Mobility Solutions personnel came across a video that intrigued them. It was a coast-to-coast time-lapse video that took only a few minutes to watch. They decided that they wanted a similar video using one of their trucks. After contacting Mustang International, the brainstorming led to final requirements, and ultimately to a very unique production. Mustang International designed and built a customized portable local area network and monitoring system that captured 4 different images simultaneously and stored the media on a terabyte of harddrives – a lot of space for the time. This system then was used for capturing the entire loading of a household in the Boston area and then the subsequent trip from Massachusetts to California.