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Mustang International is producing a “Learn as You Go” Reality TV (webisode) show.

Young musicians are challenged to record 3 songs and produce 3 music videos as part of a grand learning opportunity. The two siblings, Jake Wallace and Morgan Wallace, have separate bands, and they challenge each other and their mother, Miriam Wallace, in this friendly competition.

Each band records one cover tune, records an original song written before the competition production week and then also writes and records a completely new original song during the band’s production week. All three of these songs must also be turned into a music video.WvW_Ungoliant

In addition to producing these songs and videos, the entire process is recorded and will be turned into a web-based series that will have between 20 and 30 episodes scheduled for release in the fall of 2013.

In early 2014, if all goes well, all nine music videos will be voted on by a panel of judges and the general public. Other points will be awarded as well. The winning team gets bragging rights, but everyone wins from the practical experience gained through this process.

In the summer of 2013, an IndieGoGo crowd-funding project was launched to help offset financial costs of this massive undertaking.

Close to 20 young people will have engaged in helping produce this project. Follow along via the website, Facebook and the IndieGoGo project.

This project is still “in-progress.”

Behind the Scenes of AFTERSHOCKS

Executive Summary: Mustang International was tasked with capturing behind-the-scenes video and photographs during the filming of the movie promotional short for Aftershocks.

Short films are becoming more and more important in the entertainment world as companies want to produce something powerful and engaging, while not investing too heavily until an audience can be confirmed. AFTERSHOCK is a short film that lets the audience get a taste of the storyline that includes a strange twist in conjunction with what appears to be a hostile alien invasion. The project is produced using top quality personnel and equipment. The process of showing the competency of those producing it is often as important as the final piece since pieces like this can be springboards to much bigger things. Mustang International was tasked with this job.


Western Lifestyles Documentary

Executive Summary: Mustang International produced an introduction video to a project that is still in production focusing on the real-deal western lifestyles lived by many.

After producing over four years of television with some of the most respected cowboys in the world, Mustang International started initial production of a series of videos to help better document the cowboy way of life. The voiceover is by cowboy balladeer, Don Edwards, who is a local neighbor, friend and movie star.   The project is currently on hold.