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TexasBigStar Launches Another Show

Bary Clower is an entertaining soul. He’s also a legit cowboy and ranch hand.

Mustang International’s TexasBigStar launches a new show based on Bary Clower’s practical wisdom as he educates his star pupil (one and only pupil) Brian B Barrett. The faux-institution BAR Y UNIVERSITY is where Professor Clower instructs his student on all things farm and ranch.

All Around Performance Horse Weekly

Executive Summary: Mustang International was tasked with helping launch a new television program, by producing the original pilot episode, a series of high-profile rodeo events, and the first 100 episodes of the show.

In 2005, three cowboys approached Mustang International asking for help with launching a new television show. They had struggled with previous attempts, but had heard that producer Matt Wallace could help them. After developing the pilot show and helping work through the negotiations with RFD-TV (available on cable, DISH, and DirecTV) the first episode was aired in the fall of 2005. Over the next four years, All Around Performance Horse Weekly, a 30-minute show aired four times a week, grew in popularity and remains a prominent show on RFD-TV. Mustang International handed weekly production over to others in 2009. The initial request to help launch a successful TV show had been completed with having produced 100 new episodes and many more rerun variations. Interesting challenged solved.

Western Lifestyles Documentary

Executive Summary: Mustang International produced an introduction video to a project that is still in production focusing on the real-deal western lifestyles lived by many.

After producing over four years of television with some of the most respected cowboys in the world, Mustang International started initial production of a series of videos to help better document the cowboy way of life. The voiceover is by cowboy balladeer, Don Edwards, who is a local neighbor, friend and movie star.   The project is currently on hold.