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Daryl Flood “Thank You” Video with Time Lapse


Executive Summary: A prominent national moving company requested Mustang International assist with producing a video to offer a special “Thanks” to key business partners that incorporated the same type of fast-moving time lapse video that had been so effective in previous projects.

Mustang International has been pleased to work with a true industry trend-setter, Daryl Flood Mobility Solutions, since 1997. Daryl Flood is undoubtedly one of the most professional, healthy and innovative companies in the entire national mobility solutions industry. They have effectively used videos to reinforce positive messages while educating and thanking those people who help make them so successful.


Daryl Flood: Coast to Coast Time Lapse

Executive Summary: Mustang International developed a custom, portable, multi-camera timelapse system to produce a fun and engaging coast-to-coast jaunt for a national relocation company.

In 2007 with the burgeoning growth of viral YouTube videos, Texas-based Daryl Flood Mobility Solutions personnel came across a video that intrigued them. It was a coast-to-coast time-lapse video that took only a few minutes to watch. They decided that they wanted a similar video using one of their trucks. After contacting Mustang International, the brainstorming led to final requirements, and ultimately to a very unique production. Mustang International designed and built a customized portable local area network and monitoring system that captured 4 different images simultaneously and stored the media on a terabyte of harddrives – a lot of space for the time. This system then was used for capturing the entire loading of a household in the Boston area and then the subsequent trip from Massachusetts to California.