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TexasBigStar Fall 2016

During the Fall of 2016, Mustang International is launching a series of Internet-based shows all branded under the name of TexasBigStar.

The first of the shows to be launched was TexasBigStar LIVE.

Links: show broadcasting every Sunday Afternoon

TexasBigStar.TV More informationtexasbigstarlive-logo-small-square from the Crew


B-Sweet Music Video for Dolby Labs

Executive Summary: Mustang International assisted with the production of a high-quality music video for Dolby Labs.

Mustang International as asked to assist in the production of a music video that would be used by Dolby to highlight new 7.1 Surround Sound technology and a extremely high-end production video monitor. Mustang International provided key logistical support behind-the-scenes including communications, mobile facilities for staging and actor make-up and wardrobe, as well as general troubleshooting throughout the multi-day production. The shoot required special considerations as it highlighted high-speed and extremely high-definition cameras.

Much of the B-Sweet crew was part of the AFTERSHOCKS movie production in May 2011.

Maui Wedding Music Video

Executive Summary: Mustang International was pleased to help one of the contacts we’ve made through corporate projects with their wedding reception. We were provided photographs from the wedding in Maui and asked to edit it to a favorite song.

Mustang International from time to time does take on the smaller projects as favors to friends. While simple it approach, this piece is worth showing as it’s a beautiful thing. TRAIN’s “Marry Me” is clearly a great choice, and this video will be shown at the wedding reception scheduled a few days after this video was completed.

As soon as we confirm the information and name of the photographer that was on the beach with them in Maui, we’ll include that information here.

Best wishes to the happy couple!

Video Production

Mustang International has been given the opportunity to help produce a wide variety of video projects, including:

  • Corporate Training
  • Episodic Weekly TV Shows
  • Promotional/Marketing Pieces
  • Website Support
  • Music Videos
  • DVD Presentations
  • Family Histories
  • From simple Prosumer level production all the way to state of the art High Definition, Mustang International can help clients determine the appropriate level of production to match their needs and budget.

    Daryl Flood: Coast to Coast Time Lapse

    Executive Summary: Mustang International developed a custom, portable, multi-camera timelapse system to produce a fun and engaging coast-to-coast jaunt for a national relocation company.

    In 2007 with the burgeoning growth of viral YouTube videos, Texas-based Daryl Flood Mobility Solutions personnel came across a video that intrigued them. It was a coast-to-coast time-lapse video that took only a few minutes to watch. They decided that they wanted a similar video using one of their trucks. After contacting Mustang International, the brainstorming led to final requirements, and ultimately to a very unique production. Mustang International designed and built a customized portable local area network and monitoring system that captured 4 different images simultaneously and stored the media on a terabyte of harddrives – a lot of space for the time. This system then was used for capturing the entire loading of a household in the Boston area and then the subsequent trip from Massachusetts to California.