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Bigger and Better Video Assist

Mustang International Video Assist Services continues to pick up more and more big name clients.

Check out the VIDEO ASSIST page to learn more.

Recent clients include:

Scotts / Medieval Times / BIG 12 Conference / Hasbro / Cigna / Cane’s Chicken / Albertsons / Microsoft / Union Pacific / Taco Bueno / Dodge / AT&T / Walmart / Rapala / Discovery Channel / St. Anthony’s Hospital / Cooks Children Hospital / Asahi / FOX TV / Chuck E Cheese’s / JCPenney / Mary Kay / Home Depot / Top Golf / NISSAN Europe

Video Assist Interview with Jordan Brady

In April 2014, Matt Wallace provided Video Assist support to a commercial production crew producing a series of new DODGE TV spots. Jordan Brady was the director, and he also produces a Podcast called “Respect for Process” that discusses commercial production.

During the last day of shooting, Jordan interviewed Matt about video assist services. Click here to visit Mustang International’s page regarding these services.

FYI: Jordan uses the terms “VTR” and “video assist” interchangeably – which is common in the industry. VTR is short for Video Tape Recording. Even though tape is no longer used on set to capture and playback images, the term “VTR” is still used to describe the function on set that originated with video tape machines and operators. A more accurate name for the actual function currently provided on set is “video assist” as it encompasses not only the recording and playback capabilities, but the service of providing high-quality video monitors for real-time viewing to assist the overall production.


Jordan Brady’s Podcast Website



Mustang International does not position itself as a photography service, but the fact of the matter is that photography is almost always a part of most specialized projects. Crisp, content rich images are critical for just about any type of endeavor… video projects, websites, special presentation… all of them need imagery to tell the story.

Maui Wedding Music Video

Executive Summary: Mustang International was pleased to help one of the contacts we’ve made through corporate projects with their wedding reception. We were provided photographs from the wedding in Maui and asked to edit it to a favorite song.

Mustang International from time to time does take on the smaller projects as favors to friends. While simple it approach, this piece is worth showing as it’s a beautiful thing. TRAIN’s “Marry Me” is clearly a great choice, and this video will be shown at the wedding reception scheduled a few days after this video was completed.

As soon as we confirm the information and name of the photographer that was on the beach with them in Maui, we’ll include that information here.

Best wishes to the happy couple!

2011 Easter Testimonials

Executive Summary: Mustang International was asked to produce a specialized set of videos that would drive an entire special service – weaving live music performance together using custom video seques. This video clip was part of that collection of videos.

Mustang International was approached by the music minister of an area church with a request to help orchestrate a media-driven musical presentation for the 2011 Easter Sunday morning service. The videos would provide the seques into a number of musical pieces performed by the church choir. This required the production of a number of different videos, but the POWER OF THE CROSS segment was led into with this video. The testimonials of these church members provided the perfect into to one of the final songs of the service.

Video Production

Mustang International has been given the opportunity to help produce a wide variety of video projects, including:

  • Corporate Training
  • Episodic Weekly TV Shows
  • Promotional/Marketing Pieces
  • Website Support
  • Music Videos
  • DVD Presentations
  • Family Histories
  • From simple Prosumer level production all the way to state of the art High Definition, Mustang International can help clients determine the appropriate level of production to match their needs and budget.