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TexasBigStar Fall 2016

During the Fall of 2016, Mustang International is launching a series of Internet-based shows all branded under the name of TexasBigStar.

The first of the shows to be launched was TexasBigStar LIVE.

Links: show broadcasting every Sunday Afternoon

TexasBigStar.TV More informationtexasbigstarlive-logo-small-square from the Crew


Bigger and Better Video Assist

Mustang International Video Assist Services continues to pick up more and more big name clients.

Check out the VIDEO ASSIST page to learn more.

Recent clients include:

Scotts / Medieval Times / BIG 12 Conference / Hasbro / Cigna / Cane’s Chicken / Albertsons / Microsoft / Union Pacific / Taco Bueno / Dodge / AT&T / Walmart / Rapala / Discovery Channel / St. Anthony’s Hospital / Cooks Children Hospital / Asahi / FOX TV / Chuck E Cheese’s / JCPenney / Mary Kay / Home Depot / Top Golf / NISSAN Europe

Roy Cox Canine Connection


Roy Cox is unarguably one of the top cattle dog trainers in the world!

RoyCox_StandingWDogMustang International was initially hired by Roy in 2012 to help produce a series of training tools and provide media support on and off-line.

Roy Cox is in the process of working with Mustang International on developing a 5-disc training series on taking a young dog from no training all the way to a cattle dog capable of gathering a herd solo. It’s amazing stuff.

We’re currently finishing up DVD#4 “Pen to Pasture” where the cattle work moves out into the open as the dogs work on their gathering expertise.


Check out Roy’s Website at


Aerial Views

Clip_BosqueCountyAerialsMustang International has joined in the crazed rush to aerial videography/photography. Society and the government continue to deal with “drone” issues. In the meanwhile, we have positioned ourselves to have first-hand experience with this technology. We know what can be expected of the different types of technology that are available. We have immediate access to the basic capacity found through the very popular DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ platform.

In addition to that basic service, we have key partners that we will leverage on your behalf to get you state-of-the-art, highest quality imagery.


DIG_ClipsDIG is a short film by Toby Halbrooks.

Featured at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and top finisher for the online public choice competition, DIG is a new favorite for other film festivals including 2014’s SXSW.

Mustang International was privileged to help support this effort through video assist services and other general support to the film’s producer and long-time friend, Shaun Gish.

We count Toby and crew as friends long before he and fellow film maker David Lowery produced part of their feature length AIN’T THEM BODIES SAINTS at the Wallace family farm in 2012 in Bosque County, Texas.

Check out the short online as the number of views is approaching 1/4 of a million.



Mustang International is producing a “Learn as You Go” Reality TV (webisode) show.

Young musicians are challenged to record 3 songs and produce 3 music videos as part of a grand learning opportunity. The two siblings, Jake Wallace and Morgan Wallace, have separate bands, and they challenge each other and their mother, Miriam Wallace, in this friendly competition.

Each band records one cover tune, records an original song written before the competition production week and then also writes and records a completely new original song during the band’s production week. All three of these songs must also be turned into a music video.WvW_Ungoliant

In addition to producing these songs and videos, the entire process is recorded and will be turned into a web-based series that will have between 20 and 30 episodes scheduled for release in the fall of 2013.

In early 2014, if all goes well, all nine music videos will be voted on by a panel of judges and the general public. Other points will be awarded as well. The winning team gets bragging rights, but everyone wins from the practical experience gained through this process.

In the summer of 2013, an IndieGoGo crowd-funding project was launched to help offset financial costs of this massive undertaking.

Close to 20 young people will have engaged in helping produce this project. Follow along via the website, Facebook and the IndieGoGo project.

This project is still “in-progress.”

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

Mustang International assisted the director and production crew of Ain’t Them Bodies Saints as key scenes were shot on the Wallace farm in Bosque County. Producer Toby Halbrooks and Director David Lowery decided that the farm and area had the look they wanted for their movie. The farm was established in 1893 by Matt Wallace’s great-great-grandfather, and after multiple visits, the crew was supported by Mustang International for a multi-day shoot in the fall of 2012.

The first five scenes in the movie trailer, in addition to other scenes, were shot on the Wallace farm and were used to establish the appropriate look for a story set in central Texas.

Link to Ain’t Them Bodies Saints on IMDB.


You Should Know..

Executive Summary: Mustang International produced an epic feeling, hard-hitting statistical review to encourage a very specific audience to consider joining MUP in their work to share the Christian Gospel with the entire world.

Mustang International was charged by the missions agency Missions to Unreached Peoples (MUP.ORG) with the task of producing a new customized video to highlight strategic statistics about the number of people on the planet with absolutely no access to the gospel… i.e. no chance of ever hearing of Christ and therefore having no opportunity to decide one way or another about his claims.

The video was produced with custom music with the goal to capture the epic seriousness of these facts presented. The minimalistic, but high tech look, is intended to allow the data, the facts, to speak with minimal distractions.

Click here to watch the video.

On The Road

Executive Summary: Mustang International has started production on a documentary about two young people looking to work in the music industry while capturing the fun of a once-in-a-lifetime road trip.

On The Road: A Rock-n-Roll Journey is still in progress. From July 8 through July 24 of 2011, two young musicians traveled over 3000 miles and 11 states interviewing artists, musicians, producers and others in the music industry about what constitutes success and gathering advice as they start their careers in music.

Additional interviews are being conducted and all of the information and media collected during this once-in-a-lifetime journey are being compiled into a documentary book! Like many documentaries, one thing leads to another, and this project is still being processed with possible new material to be added before it’s conclusion.

Read more about this project on this website at On The Road or check out

Behind the Scenes of AFTERSHOCKS

Executive Summary: Mustang International was tasked with capturing behind-the-scenes video and photographs during the filming of the movie promotional short for Aftershocks.

Short films are becoming more and more important in the entertainment world as companies want to produce something powerful and engaging, while not investing too heavily until an audience can be confirmed. AFTERSHOCK is a short film that lets the audience get a taste of the storyline that includes a strange twist in conjunction with what appears to be a hostile alien invasion. The project is produced using top quality personnel and equipment. The process of showing the competency of those producing it is often as important as the final piece since pieces like this can be springboards to much bigger things. Mustang International was tasked with this job.